In today’s digital era, we can reach almost all informations in the world quickly. With the combination of science, computer networking technology and mathematics, more and more devices (smartphones, tablets, laptop, etc) can connect to the Internet to enjoy latest news, educations, sports, online streaming music and videos, multiplayer gaming, and so forth at anytime and everyday. We can say that computer and internet technology have become an important part from our everyday life.

There are many different technologies and devices being incorporated in the networking technology like modem, hub, switch, repeater, bridge, gateway, etc so we can easily access the world wide web aka Internet like today. Here at, we will focus to talk about these networking devices especially wireless router and cable modem and what kind of technology are used by the devices to deliver high speed internet connectivity for your home business, office use, gaming, etc.


Basically, a cable modem will be used to get internet access from internet service provider (ISP) meanwhile a wireless router will connect to your cable modem to broadcast your internet connectivity  so that other devices can enjoy your internet wirelessly.

The internet has become an indispensable commodity in today’s world. If you can access it,you will have access to most of the services, information and products that are available not only locally, but in any part of the world. Internet also allows you to make and maintain your connections with other people: friends, teachers, family, work colleagues and the rest. Social networking forms a big part of our lives now. Many businesses operate on the internet only and the business owner using their own wireless router for business or AC router because they can save more money and without having to install any cable at all, having no real physical address for their offices. Entertainment can be accessed on the internet in the form of digital TV. You can watch videos, listen music, download documents or software and lots more if you are on the internet. Food can be ordered, shoes can be bought, games can be played online. Most gamers also try to find the best gaming router to support their online gaming activities, meanwhile one can even take a online university course!. All can be done using the Internet.

Connecting to the internet

In order to take advantage of all these amazing features and services that are available, you need to be connected to the internet first. There are various ways to connect to the internet and go online. The most common and easiest way to go about it these days is to employ the services of an internet service provider (ISP) who gives you connectivity in the form of a DSL, fibre or cable and connect it to appropriate hardware such as a modem. An ISP is usually a telephone or cable company. They have various packages for subscription, ranging from restricted to unlimited data plans and from basic speed of 256 Kbps to 10 Mbps. A modem is a network device that performs the modulation and demodulation of the signals that are used to carry your data to-and-fro from the internet to your handheld device or computer.

Routers for routing data

Modems allow, at most, one client or user to connect to the internet. If your friend or family member wants to connect their computer to the internet, they will have to wait for their turn and you two cannot simultaneously browse the internet. To curb this problem, special networking devices called routers are available which allow various devices to connect to your network.

Usually, the modems these days are combined with the router and you do not have to purchase two separate hardware equipment. This also saves the user from the trouble of having to allocate a place that will be sufficient for placing the modem and router.

Routers connect to the internet through the modem. They send the data from all the connected devices to the modem. The modem converts this digital data into signals which can be transferred over the fibre or cable from the ISP. These signals are meant for communicating with the internet. The internet then sends return signals which the modem receives. It converts the signals again into digital data which can be understood by the connected devices. The incoming data is then routed by the router to the correct device, for which the data is meant.

Going wireless

Most of the routers these days are wireless routers and some new wifi router devices come equipped with dual-band and tri-band frequencies, which mean that you do not need a wire to connect from your device to the router in order to establish a connection. Wireless routers create Wi-Fi to which the user can connect from a distance. Network cards present in your devices catch these Wi-Fi signals and allow your computer or mobile phones to read the data. You can keep your wireless router in your living room, and you and your family members can connect to the world wide web from the comfort of their own rooms using their Android, Windows or Mac OS.

That is not the only benefit of having wireless routers. In today’s world, we are increasingly depending on mobile devices to access the internet. It has become almost vital for a mobile device to remain connected to the internet so that all the benefits can be reaped. If a guest arrives in your home or your place of business, it would be uncomfortable for him or her to stay there and stand a chance to lose some piece of information that was supposed to reach them at that instant if they cannot connect to the internet. Wireless routers allow your guests to connect to the internet as well, without any hassle. Of course, the distance from which you can connect to the router depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi signal produced by the wireless router. And don’t forget that we can also find the best travel router that allow use to connect to the online world while on the go, it is a simple device overall and easy to carry everywhere.

Aesthetics of wireless routers

Almost all of the wireless routers are designed to have an external antenna which can receive and send the data. The antenna helps to expand the area to which the data can be relayed. But some of the more aesthetically designed routers like the offerings from Apple and Google are built without any external antenna. They have intuitive designs to increase the footprint over which the data can roam.

Other than that most routers have LEDs to provide you a quick look information, such as whether the connection to internet has been established by the router-cum-modem or not. All routers come with a particular number of LAN ports to which you and your friends can connect their devices for some LAN experience. LAN is short form of local area network. It creates a local network which cannot be accessed by someone else who is not connected to the LAN port. Wired connections have faster data transmission rates than wireless connections. Connection to the LAN port requires a cable from your device to the router. Some routers have up to 8 ports and also have USB so that you can connect a printer and provide printing jobs directly.

Features present in wireless routers

Wireless routers come with a built-in operating system which provides various features including Wireless Access Point, Wireless range extender (wifi booster) and more ways to control how the router is being used. The interface can be accessed on your device and the settings can be adjusted from there. There are options to limit the amount of data that a user can download or upload at a time and even blocking of some websites that you might deem inappropriate. Wireless routers are the most efficient and effective way of connecting multiple devices to the internet. Also, with the help of other networking hardwares like the wifi range extender of course can help to increase the range of your wireless signal while the best wireless access point not only allow you to build up a wireless LAN but also can be used to expand your network.

Cable Modem

Another networking device you will need to connect to the Internet especially if you want to build your home network, office, business or just for personal use is a cable modem.

A cable modem is a device that receives signal of Internet from your service provider (cable provider) than turns it into a data signal that can be recognized by computing devices like your PC, Laptop, smartphones, tablet, etc. Now most cable modem has been equipped with Docsis 3.0 technology that can delivers faster and reliable speed.

For a cable modem, you will have two options, buy your own cable modem or rent from the ISP. It’s up to you but we highly recommend you to have your own to avoid monthly fee. You have to subscribe to an ISP like COX, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, etc to enjoy high-speed Internet access. Please note that, the speed of your internet depends on what you pay for.. If you want faster speed, you will spend more expensive for monthly cost. Want to buy your own device ?? Find out the best cable modem through the article that we have prepared for you.

As we might already know, Cable modem and Wireless Router is a separate device and both have different function but today with technology advances both devices have beed packed into one, it’s called Modem Router Combo. Instead of buying separate cable modem and Wifi Router, many networking users are now choosing combo device that include both in one product. You can read more details about modem router combo here.

All in all, you can start and learn many things from here especially if you want to find the best wireless routers for home use, gaming, VoIP, business, office, large home, etc.

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