Top 10 Best Wireless Access Point 2017

With improvements in technology being made every day, manufacturers of network devices are also churning out products with the latest advancements and improved functionality. There are quite a number of things that you must be looking for when ordering for a wireless access point. While most of the these devices have a range of functions that are same across all of them, some manufacturers provide custom features for their products which enhance the signals or consume less power while delivering the same performance.

Below you can find the best wifi access point of 2017, these products not only great for home use but they can also be used for office or business use. Check them below and I believe you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Top 10 Best Wireless Access Point 2017

1. TP-Link Wireless N300 (TL-WA801ND)

The device comes equipped with 3 omni-directional antennas, MIMO as well as CCA technologies to send the best wireless performance, better coverage, more stable connectivity and transmission rates. In addition to its main feature as an Access Point, you can also use it as a Repeater, Client, Bridge and Multi-SSID Mode. You can use all features easily and with its Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps, all oline activities that need high bandwidth consuming like streaming online movies, multiplayer gaming or VoIP will be done faster and efficient, No lag at all.

2. Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unifi – UAP(US)

This product is a 802.11n Wireless Access Point that can be used to make a wireless connection in your home or office. The unit as you can see has great design so you can place it around you easily or mount it on the wall or ceiling to save more space on your room, besides very durable as well as efficient, the device also can pass a high quality smoke detector. You can find a LED Ring light that indicates whether this access point is offline or viceversa and you can also disable this LED if you want. The power comes from Ethernet cable or a POE injector which is also included in the package.

3. Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Access Point

Another great access point from Ubiquiti where it has more great features. It can be used for indoors or outdoor purpose and has a weatherproof design. It also features dual-band and packed with 3×3 MIMO technology. This device is easy to configure and use and with small and sleek design. You can create a guest wireless (important for your network) or guest portal when you are using its controller software that is easy to navigate with a lot of features to configure & manage the AP so that it is possible to supports more wireless networks. Just like AP Unifi – UAP(US), this AP also comes equipped with power injector device supports 802.3at PoE+.

4. ASUS 3-In-1 (RT-N12)

The ASUS (RT-N12) basically is a wireless router but it has also been quipped with additional features including Wireless Access Point and extender. It is able to delivers awesome and faster speed on your wired or wifi connections to your home or even office environment. The device is packed with 2T2R MIMO technology for more stable signals and 5dBi high-gain antennas, also it has the newest antenna innovation to increase the coverage range of wifi signal, making it a great choice for stream high-definition videos, VoIP and much more.

5. Linksys WAP300N 300 Mbps

Linksys WAP300N 300 Mbps is easy to setup with Push-button system, it will be ready to use within minute and you can add more devices to your new wireless network. It also features, Fast Ethernet port, Two antennas and wifi protected setup (WPS) where you only need push a button on this AP on your other devices to make the wireless connection automatically. Meanwhile if you want to configure its security, it can be done faster with the browser-based configuration utility. Get more stable and faster video streaming and sharing with this device which offer speed of up to 300 Mbps speed.

6. D-Link Wireless AC1200 (DAP-1650)

D-Link says that this Wireless AC1200 (DAP-1650) comes with Next Gen AC1200 technology that can improves the speed, range and reliability as well to ensure every corner of your home or office can catch signals from this Access Point. With QRS (Quick Router Setup) mobile app, you can install this WAP without having to use a computer, it’s easy and fast to connect up to 4 wired-based devices to your wifi network. Also it has 4 Gigabit ports that offer high-speed wired connections meanwhile with Dual-band technology over 2.4&5GHz bands, the interference from other wifi signals can be reduced. 

7. UniFi Enterprise WiFi System AP UAP-LR

The Unifi Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point System is a great device that is designed to be easily managed and used with incredible range. It is a bit different with old enterprise wireless system that uses a hardware wi-fi switch, this device doesn’t need any additional hardware because it uses a virtual client/server application that can help you to save more money.

8. EnGenius 11n 2.4GHz Access Point (ENH202)

ENH202 is an 802.11n 2.4GHz Wireless Bridge/AP for outdoor use that delivers speed up to 300Mbps with power reaches 800mW for longer range building-to-building or even Internet Protocol security camera deployments. It runs on the 2.4GHz frequency and also packed with internal directional antenna where its signal can be sent with distances up to 2miles. From its design, customers will not be disappointed since it use IP55 waterproof housing to protect this access point from rain, sleet, and moisture.

9. TRENDnet 300Mbps Point TEW-638PAP

This is a scalable high speed solution and secure wireless access point that offers up to 12x speed and 4x better coverage of wireless g. Using its PoE which also known as Power over Ethernet technology, you don’t even install this device near a power source because all power including data will be received via Ethernet cable. You can make your clients (wireless) connect to your network easily, thanks to its WPS features. It also features AP client mode, WDS support and detachable antennas. The coverage of wifi range can be increased with MIMO antenna while to protect your network from internet attacks, the manufacturer packs it with advanced encryption/

10. Amped Wireless High Power (AP300)

By using this Amped WAP, you can adds long range and hi-speed wifi access for your existing wired networks or other networks that’s running on an older wireless technology. Its latest 802.11n 300Mbps MIMO technology is paired with high power amplifiers and antennas and the results, wireless coverage can reaches 5000 square feet. In case you want to add wired PCs or printers, etc , do it with ease because there are 4 wired ports on the back panel and with Amped Smart Security, creating a secure and reliable wifi network environment become so much easier. Installation is simple with Plug and Play system., no need software or other additional hardware to make it run.

Let’s look at some of the things that you should keep in mind while shopping for wireless access points.
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1.  Smart detection technology

Wireless access points are typically armed with various kinds of smart detection technology these days to ensure that the signals are sent to the devices that require them in the most efficient way. You might want to look for a wireless access point that supports one of the patented technologies so that you can get the most for what you pay. Once your wireless device is detected, the access point increases the power of the signals that are sent in its direction while reducing the power of the signals sent in other areas of your home or workplace.

2.  Beamforming

Beamforming is a method to prevent the signals from cancelling out each other by changes in signal gain and phase. With the help of this method, manufacturers try to eliminate the dark spots in your home where the Wi-Fi signal is unable to reach and to increase the signal strength. Beamforming will soon become a standard practice to be adopted by the manufacturers and when shopping for a wireless access point you should look for a model that supports this technology.

3.  Stray signal reduction

There is no doubt about the fact that Wi-Fi signals are interrupted by some external signals and also by the signals emitted by the access point itself. Now-a-days, there are ways to intercept such noises and with active or passive reduction, improve the signals that are being broadcasted in the environment. You must check for a vendor that offers solution for the noise through spectrum analysis because these will definitely provide you the best coverage and signal strength.

4.  FastLane

FastLane is a proprietary technology of the NETGEAR range of wireless access points and it allows the selection of optimized performance mode. Either you can leave the selection for the automatic process or if you know what will be best for you in a situation, you can select the speed band that your device will be most comfortable with. This allows for better tweaking and control over the network.

5.  Dual band

Though most of the home users are satisfied with a single band wireless access point, but the need for a dual-band becomes apparent when you wish to have a better data management among the various connected wireless devices. If you are looking to dedicate a network to your guests, then the best way to go about it is by using a dual band wireless access point. The 2.4GHz band can be used by the guests while you get a nice output on the 5GHz band.


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