Top 10 Best Home Routers 2017

There is no denying the fact that wireless routers have come a long way from simply providing connectivity to having a robust interface that can help you configure your network as per your need. But what are the essential features a wireless router that you wish to purchase for your home should have?

Many routers have been seen across markets widely. But not all of them prove to be beneficial as you wish them to be. Thus to tackle such conditions and make you feel free from using Wi-Fi services, the best home based routers are here.. Check the list below.

Top 10 Best Routers For Home Use 2017

1. Asus RT-AC88U

This model of Asus though is a bit costly but yet it can serve you with ahigh list of capabilities. It probably comprises of Multi Input and Multi Output facility for users. This enables the highest quality of data transfer. The look of this model of Wi-Fi is quite simple and decent. In fact, the user can enjoy speed range of 3167Mbps and minimum of 1000Mbps. Multi-customer streaming over the same network won’t harm others, instead of streaming get higher throughput. Such easy setup and wireless facility of connections have made customers like them widely. So, you desire to have them just grab it now.

2. Linksys WRT1900ACS 

Routers that usually support three systems that are free are the best choice for maximum people. This model turns out to be an efficient performer at the connectivity. The two bands of 4GHz make it easy to handle them and also to access smoothly. The weight of the device is approximately 2.25 pounds with a dual band of 802.11ac. It can be either hanged or mounted on ceilings. Thus this might be a point to think off. But if you prefer high capacity functioning network connectivity then this is your taste. Speed range is approximately of 1900 Mbps speed.

3. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

People who are a fan of Netgear would be the first one to like this. In fact, reviews have found them to be mostly liked over online stores. Looks different in appearance and is fabulous in performance. Its heavyweight has made users either hang them or mount them over ceilings. 4GHz speed is provided with a range of 450 to 600 Mbps which can even be increased to 1900Mbps with an 802.11ac. Flash memory of 128Mb and RAM of 256 MB is found to be present in this model that is suitably reliable for better working. Maximum group of people have preferred them over others.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 (R8000)

People have reviewed them to be the best model in wireless category for uninterrupted streaming over online portals. 3.2Gbps speed is provided by this router. Tri-band enables more and more device to be connected with this NETGEAR router. Thus simply it turns out to be reliable for home usage. People who used them have cited it to be a boosting performance wireless router. USB 3.0 serves high speed storing access for users. A backup app is added for free storage over windows and pc with a USB connector. This made NETGEAR more popular among people. Even strong connections make router more usable.

5. TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750

TP-Link has been serving clients over the years with their wide Wi-Fi benefits. Thus similar goal has been started with this model of TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Router to facilitate people with high-speed internet connectivity up to 1300Mbps. Being a second generation Wi-Fi connectivity, it can connect a number of devices altogether for better signal transmission. This probably makes it more preferable for users to use. The bandwidth of usage varies as per the customer requires. Dual USB ports are added for easy exchange of files and other media. Controlling all devices gets easier for the IP bandwidth being present.

6. TP-Link AD7200 Tri-Band Gigabit

If you desire for having a Wi-Fi connection for smooth streaming of videos online then definitely this model of TP-Link Wireless Router is going to be your choice. This is the high performing device with a 4K video streaming ability. Thus it is faster than any other wireless device. Connections are all made within seconds with the latest innovation technology. Other than streaming videos it can even help you share thousands of files altogether without any interruption. AD7200 delivers a speed of 7200Mbps being the highest speed for streaming online. This model even supports MU-MIMO technology for faster connections.

7. TP-Link AC1900 (Archer C9)

This wireless model of TP-Link AC1900 has been found to be the next generation fastest Wi-Fi service for users. It thus helps users to stream videos of up to 4K that too with full HD quality. Speed genuinely varies from 600Mbps to 1300Mbps. Mainly the 3 antennas being attached to this wireless model router enables maximum coverage that is quite surprising for the users. Even most of the customers have liked this point more. In fact, the beam forming technology that is added in it helps the device locate further connections for even better internet service. Thus this is easy to set up themachine with understandable configurations.

8. TP-Link AC1750 DOCSIS 3.0 (Archer CR700)

This is the right time for you to get rid of those unwanted cable operators and modem connections. Stop paying for these modem fees monthly. Come switch to the brand new model of TP-Link AC1750 DOCSIS 3.0 today. Being highly certified model from the recognised XFINITY. You will get a high speed of 1750Mbps. This model is 16times faster than that previous one of DOCSIS2.0. The presence of channels within this model is 16 downstream whereas 4 upstream. 6 antennas present at its inside area boosts the strong level of thesignal for streaming smoothly. Thus the level of connectivity increases for better usage experience.

9. TP-Link AC1900 High Power (Archer C1900)

TP-Link has been the best one for users to use and enjoy smooth streaming on their preferred device. A high speed of 1900Mbps is quite enough for usage than engaging yourself in those unwanted slow process of buffering. The dual band network is mainly of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Fortunately, the coverage area of this device can be extended easily with its three antennas presence. These antennas provide 900mW highly powered amplifiers. Thus while using the service from this TP-Link, there will be less interruption. Four ports are quite suitable enough to let you know about signals randomly with a lightening.

10. TP-Link AC3150 (Archer C3150)

TP-Link has maximiseda number of routers here but finding your right choice gets difficult at times. But people who prefer latest technology based routers would throw a glance at this positively. TP-Link AC3150 is a combination of 4stream technology and also NitroQAM that allows them to deliver you with 3150Mbps speed to 2167 Mbps speed. Devices being connected run faster than anything else making streaming of online services easier and also faster for you. This fast technology based router has been quite effective for home usage. Even coverage areas could also be increased for reliable usage with the beam forming.

Let’s take a look at some of the buying tips when it comes to shopping for a home wireless router.

1. Check the wireless network standard

Wireless routers have different IEEE standards associated with them. The latest offering is 802.11ac which offers the maximum speed. A wireless router has to send its signals across various obstacles which tend to lower the performing speed of the router. So you must look for the router that provides the maximum possible speed.

2. Easy setup wizard

Most people do not upgrade their existing wireless routers because of the technical proficiency that is required to get the most juice out of the device. There are so many ways that a wireless router can be tweaked but not everyone wants to get their hands dirty. Wireless routers that can be easily setup without having to go through tonnes of help content are the way to go for the basic home needs.

3. Take a note of security measures

Wireless networks are susceptible to attacks from an unwanted user or from the content that they are trying to obtain from the internet. Wireless routers are provided a safeguard against such attacks in the form of security protocols. The wireless router that you buy for your home should have WPA2 protocol because it is the best measure against any kind of malicious attacks.

4. Parental control

If you are looking for a wireless router for your home, you might want to have a feature called parental control incorporated into its interface. Parental control allows you restrict the access your wireless router will provide to the sites that you deem unfit to be browsed by the young ones or other members of your family.

5. Bands are not that important

Many wireless router manufacturers provide models that can channel two or even three different networks on different frequencies which can then be used to divert the traffic. But since you are looking to buy wireless routers for your home, you will typically not need to have this feature on your router.

6. Accessories

Every wireless router comes in the box with its adapter, but sometimes the manufacturer saves on the cost by not providing an Ethernet cable. In order to get the most bangs for your buck, you should look for wireless routers that come bundled with the cable.

7. Warranty

Like any technological device, wireless routers can malfunction and break. So it is wise to buy routers that are provided a sufficient warranty period from their manufacturers.

8. Return policy

The job of buying a wireless router can turn into a hit and miss game because the router might not be ideal for your environment and you might not realize it till late. Look for wireless routers that have a return policy or buy from shops that have one.


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