Technology is a Must for Your Home Office

These days many people work from home; either on a full time basis for their jobs or as small business owners. Furthermore, the technology used in a home office environment is no longer exclusive to corporate offies. For maximum productivity, these same technological devices and setups are needed in your home office, too. So, what are the essential items you should own?

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  • Almost any home office will need a computer, modem and wireless router. It isn’t necessary to be the best, and fastest computer available. However, you do need one that is reliable and won’t repeatedly crash. This will hamper your productivity. Furthermore, a good monitor can reduce eye strain and make it easier to work for longer periods of time.
  • An Internet connection. A reliable, high speed connection will enable you to contact clients, send and receive emails regarding ongoing or upcoming work, and send finished work on to the clients who are awaiting it.
  • A dedicated phone line for your business will be needed if you make and receive a lot of calls. This will prevent business calls from coming into your personal phone line. Also, for accounting purposes, you will keep your business phone expenses separate.
  • The ability to print is normally needed. Be it for producing hard copies of your work for your records, or more importantly for tax purposes, it is almost certain that you will need to print documents.
  • A filing system will help you keep track of your documents. Although many people store their business documents electronically, you will still want to keep some hard copies of important papers.
  • Ergonomics is the next important consideration. Especially at the outset, you may assume that it is possible to do all of your work on a laptop, just sit in your most comfortable chair. Unfortunately, when you are sitting and working for a long period of time, it will likely become uncomfortable. Worse still, you could end up with strains that require a corrective medical procedure.

A more typical office set up can help avoid this. A good desk and chair that helps with your posture, and a keyboard that is at the right height, will reduce the risks of straining your wrists, your back and your neck. An added bonus is that when working in your office, you are more likely to be able to get into the work mindset, and not be so distracted.

Ultimately, your home office should be designed so that you can be productive. This means having the right technology, office accessories and furniture. You want to minimize interruptions while creating successes. You for your business.


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