Simple Tips to Repair A Wireless Network

Trying to fix a wireless network can become extremely frustrating, and will take a bit of time to figure out exactly what is causing the problem. You are going to need to begin troubleshooting the wireless networking hardware to find what is causing the problem.

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Let’s take a look at the router first.

Often times when you simply resetting the router by pressing the Reset button on the router, it will clear up many issues that you may be experiencing. You will hold do for the required amount of seconds that the router manual states.

It’s difficult to tell you exactly what is wrong with your connection because there are so many different things that can go wrong with your wireless network. So to fix a wireless network you are going to have to go through a list of fixes for your wireless network.

First let’s look at common household items are interfering with your connection. These devices are most likely your microwave and more commonly your cordless phone. Cordless phones often work on the same megahertz as your wireless router and will cause your connection to be dropped every time that you are on the phone. In order to fix a wireless network that is having these interferences is to change to cordless phone with lower megahertz, so you will need to use a 900mhz instead of the 2.5 that your router is using. There are many other devices that will also interfere and there are fixes for most of them, or ways to work around it.

Another way to fix a wireless network is to update your driver, as well as your software. The manufactures often release new versions for both and this will sometimes fix the problem. You can find these new releases on the manufacturers website, just make sure that you are downloading the right one for your router.

If none of these suggestions help you can contact your internet service provider and ensure that you have a good connection. If the signal is weak it will cause you connection to constantly be dropped. Or you can always contact the manufacturer of your router and they may be able to walk you though the process to fix a wireless network.

Wireless networks sometimes seem to be more trouble they are worth when something goes wrong with it. But we both know that it is such a convenience when it is all up and running smoothly.


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