How to Setup a Wireless Router?

A wireless router is easy to set up and to get started, all you need to do is to just switch your ADSL or Cable modem off and turn your wireless router on. Then, the wireless router should be connected to the modem using a cable, and switch the modem on.

Now, your computer will detect the router and with the help of wireless network wizard, you will be guided step by step to configure and set up your wireless router. It is as simple as that.

To make things easier, most of the wireless routers are usually preconfigured by the manufacturers and you will find all the security features disabled so that you can set up without any difficulty. However, you need to configure the security features in your wireless router so that no hackers can get unauthorized access to your wireless router and the personal information stored in your PC. This implies that you should know how to protect your wireless router by enabling the security features. This simple guide will help you to setup your wireless router while making sure that your wireless connection is secure and completely protected from the malicious intruders.

Before you get into the task of setting up your wireless router and configuring it for maximum protection, here is some information that you need to know.

Setting up the wireless router

First, read the user’s manual which contains all instructions you need for setting up your wireless router. Follow these steps to install the wireless router:

After placing the wireless router beside the modem and the PC, plug the main cable into the router.

Connect the router and the modem using the patch cable.

Now connect your PC to the wireless router by plugging the one end of the network cable into the network port in the router and another end into your PC’s network port.

If you want to connect other devices like printer, game console or VoIP, run the cable between these devices and your PC. (Use other ports for this purpose)

Turn your laptop on and make sure that it can access the wireless signals and connect to the internet via Access Point.

You need to setup security features on your wireless router. Run the web browser like IE and type the IP address of your router. Follow the instructions on the help file and complete the installation.

Configuring the wireless router

You also need to configure the firewall settings and enable the security features on your wireless router.

Open the browser and access the setup page of your wireless router. You will find the URL of this page in the manual. Enter the password and press enter.

Change the default Service Set Identifier (SSID) which refers to the wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). The wireless devices need SSID to transfer data between them. Your wireless router comes with a default SSID set by the manufacturer. Changing the SSID will prevent unauthorized access of your network devices by intruders.

How to change the SSID?

Click the wireless tab and locate the SSID label. Now give a new name to the network. Make sure that the name is very difficult to crack.

Then, disable the SSID broadcast. This will prevent your network from being detected by other users.

For better protection, follow these instructions:

  • Your router uses a specific channel to send and receive data. By changing it periodically, your network becomes more secure.
  • Filter out the MAC addresses that you do not need. This will restrict these devices from connecting to your router.
  • Use encryption method like WPA which ensures that your data is more secure