Cable Modem Router Combo Buying Guide 2017

If you have trouble getting online at home on a regular basis, you may want to consider getting a modem/router combo. Most internet service providers have you use theirs nowadays. You are going to need to look carefully to buy a compatible version that can be used with your provider. You may think that each month the modem that you have is just a kind service that you are receiving for free. There are generally hidden charges however and you are paying for that one way or another.

Modem Router

Charges for Using a Modem

You can save money and buy your own. The average cable company is charging anywhere from $60-$120 each year to rent their system. Over a few years that is an incredible amount of money. It sounds like buying your own is a no brainer, except the downside. When you have a problem with your internet, you can call up your provider and they will come reset it or get you another if they can’t fix it. If you do choose to buy a combo, you are on your own as far as fixing it. No more free support.

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Best Modem Router Combo 2017

You Decide To Buy a Modem/Router Combo

  • If you are tech savvy enough that fixing your own modem is not a downside to buying one, then proceed ahead.
  • Look for a DOCSIS 3.0-compatible modems. Or Data over Cable Services Interface Specification. These are the same level of speeds that bring you cable television shows. If you are in an area with a lot of people this is a must.
  • You are also going to need to get a compatibility list for your specific cable company. They can give you one so you aren’t wasting time of buying and returning different models.
  • The design of the model you choose for your tech level. No matter how cool it looks, you need a model that you can read and understand what all those blinking lights mean. Get yourself an easily labeled one that you can understand when a light goes crazy on you what that means.
  • Great warranty is necessary since no one from your internet provider will be coming to bail you out. Since you will be saving money on yearly service, you can spring for a better modem/router combo with a decent warranty. You will definitely need it.
  • Performance Tests are necessary. Make sure that the modem/router that you buy will have the same level of performance as the one you can rent. Check the speeds on it. Most have 8 download channels on it while some have 16 channels. This is how fast a download is. If you are paying for basic service that isn’t the fastest then investing in a much faster modem than the internet signal can handle, won’t make much difference. Same principle if you are living far out in the country. The signal goes as fast as it can and a faster modem won’t speed that signal up if it doesn’t receive it fast. So check the speeds that you are downloading at so you know your capabilities.

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