Top 10 Best Wireless/Wifi Routers 2017 – Reviews & Guide For Buyers

If you are connected to the internet on your computer, chances are high that you are using a wireless router to accomplish the task. These device are now present almost everywhere, from your home to your office and even to your local café. The task of buying a wifi router is so difficult because of all the technical details that most of the people refrain from upgrading. And if they are lacking a wireless router, they go out into the market buy a sub-par product which does not adequately serve their needs.

With the latest trend in technology, wireless routers are becoming very common at home these days. You need to have fast access to the internet, or else you might just be called “backdated.” Therefore, if you want to avoid so, take a look at the products below you can buy for your home or office use.

Top 10 Best Wireless Routers 2017

1. Linksys WRT54GL

The faster firmware updates make the Linksys WRT54GL is one of the best router on the market. The users can enjoy the new features as well as they can extend the functionality of the router. The Linux-based firmware can be modified using proper tools. The setup of the router is pretty straight forward that is why it does not take too much time to set it up. The Ethernet ports are equipped with full duplex ports that are why you can extend the connection. The best part is that the user can stack the router by using the built-in feature. It also supports WPA, WPA2 and other advanced wireless encryption.

2. Linksys N300 E1200

Go fast with the Linksys Wi-Fi E1200. It offers decent range and powerful wifi connection. The users can connect multiple devices simultaneously without any problem. It offers download speed upto 300 Mbps. There are two antennas which are equipped with MIMO technology that can be used to cover the entire room without any signal loss. It also comes with Cisco Connect software which allows the users to conduct an easy setup. The wireless networks are protected by WPA, WPA2 and other encryption. It also comes with parental controls, advanced control and more. The control centre of this router is pretty powerful which never lets you out of control.

3. NETGEAR WNDR4500 N900

This device is from NETGEAR named, WNDR4500. There is dual Gigabit Wi-Fi band which is very helpful when it comes to signal. It also supports 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands that are why the user can connect the modern devices with this router. It also supports all the advanced version of the Wi-Fi such as a, b, g, n and ac. There are hidden settings under the advanced setting option during the setup. It also supports better signal distribution that is why no devices will face lost connection issue. There is readyshare USB option which is used to share any USB device to the connected devices.

4. Belkin N150 (Latest Generation)

This router is made by Belkin which is known for long range routers. The latest generation Belkin N150 is the cheapest alternative to the all expensive router. It offers high range. However, it does not support dual-band Wi-Fi which is not a deal breaker. It is ideal for home and small office. The users can freely start messaging, mail and other staffs without any problem. The wireless connections are backed-up by the advanced encryptions. There are different security modules for enterprise, personal and WEP. There is an option to configure the channel width, channel, SSID and password. The wireless transmit power can be controlled using the control center.

5. TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 is a great choice for the internet and VOIP calls. There is a VOIP adapter which needs to be connected before calling. The adapter should be connectedto the Phone. It is the best router when it comes to reliability because it offers reliable connection along with direct access to the Ethernet ports. It is very easy to share a file in the network because the Archer C7 supports files sharing in the network. There are dual USB ports for quick file sharing. You can connect external hard drives by using the USB ports. It supports wireless file sharing within the Wi-Fi or private network.

6. TP-Link AC3150 Long Range Gigabit Router

Another excellent router from TP-Link named, AC150. It is also known as Archer C3150. Most of the customer in Amazon has liked it because of the performance. The automatic connection makes everything easy for the customers. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy smoothing gaming as well as 4k video streaming. When it comes to speed, the AC3150 is crazy about the speed. The built-in MU-MIMO increases the Wi-Fi performance upto 3150 Mbps without any problem. It is ideal for gaming and streaming on multiple devices without any lag or buffer. There are two co-processors which handle the speed and range.

7. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000)

NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 is the best if you are looking for speed and reliability. It offers maximum speed up to 1900 Mbps which are controlled by the dual core co-processors. The co-processors ensure extreme performance. Apart from that, there are high-powered amplifiers which control the external antennas. It also improves the range that is why it is avery reliable choice. There is an option by which you can control the upstream and downstream. It is loaded with IPQoS feature which ensures optimum usage for every device. When it comes to installation, this product provides easy installation as an alternative. The firmware update is required for optimum speed.

8. Linksys N750

Enjoy fast internet by using the Linksys N750. It is a dual band wireless router equipped with advanced dual band system. It is an N300+450 Mbps that is why the throughput power is high. It will offer you high-speed gaming as well as astream without any interference. It also comes with universal compatibility that is why anybody can use it. The easy setup does not take too much time to setup the entire router. It has powerful antennas which also has maximum coverage.


When it comes to next generation wifi router, the NETGEAR AC1700 is the best choice. It offers 3x internet speed over the conventional routers. It is recommended for those who used to conduct regular streaming and gaming. It is very convenient when it comes to streaming from computers and Smartphone. It is also recommended for extreme gamers. It is the cheap alternative to the expensive one. It can be used to connect lots of devices to the router. The parental control can be activated to restrict the internet access. The co-processor can handle lots of data at once that is why it is called next-generation Wi-Fi router.

10. ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band AC3200 AiProtection

This is the wireless router from Asus. When we talk about smart connection, this is the only device which supports the fastest band individually. It can provide maximum throughput without any stress in the signal. It also supplies data when it device demands the same. It is loaded with tri-band support. Apart from that, there is a port where the user can attach 3G and 4G dongle. It takes almost 30 seconds to complete the setup from the provided CD. It is loaded with cloud functionality which is the best thing in this router. The users can get upto 180 Mbps connection without any interruption. It can be faster depending on the connection of the ISP.

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Here are some of the advices that you should keep in mind when purchasing a wireless router so that you can enjoy a good internet experience.

Speed and capability

A good router allows you to connect to the internet with a fast speed. You do not want to sit idle while your YouTube video buffers, only to find out that the connection was dropped because your speed was too low. There are certain wireless standards that a wireless router complies to. These standards keep on getting better with advancements in technology. Currently, the fastest of these standards is 802.11ac which allows support for speed of more than 600Mpbs.

Of course, the router speed cannot affect the speed of the internet connection and you will have to get a better package from your ISP in order to get faster internet. But you would not want to bottle-neck your internet connection because of a wireless router complying to poorer standards. Remember, the speed also depends on the standard that the network card of your computer or mobile phone supports. If your network card supports a poorer standard, you cannot take complete advantage of 802.11ac.

Security and bandwidth issues

When you first connected to the internet through the wireless router in your home, you would have understood that it is almost too easy and convenient to connect to the Wi-Fi. But if it is convenient for you, it can also be convenient for some unwanted user who is trying to get on your network and abuse it. According to the latest protocol, you should look for a router that supports WPA2. In addition to this, the devices that will connect to the wireless router should have a support for WPA2. With this protocol churning under the hood, you can be assured that without proper authorization no one will be able to jump on your network.

When you and another user are simultaneously connected to the internet using a wireless router, the total bandwidth gets divided between you depending on the services that are being used. If your friend starts to stream videos on Netflix, they will end up taking a large portion of the bandwidth and you might left strung out. If you anticipate a run-in with such a situation then you are advised to buy a wireless router that allows you the option to access QoS or Quality of Service tools. QoS basically determines the performance seen by the users connected to the network. QoS can be used to control how much bandwidth is allocated to a user, and even eject them or block them completely from using the network.

Choosing wisely with ancillary features

Some of the wireless routers offer a different number of utility features. There special reserved guests network accounts that allow your guests to access the network with limited privileges like reduced speed or restricted access to the internet. Often the biggest problem faced is the range of the signals which the wireless routers emit, that’s why you will need a wifi booster if you have problem with the signals. Advanced routers are being bundled with technology that is able to understand through algorithms where a dark spot might be getting created due to the placement of the wireless router. It then forces itself to send stronger Wi-Fi signals in the direction of the so that dark spots can be eliminated.

When buying a wireless router it is also important to check the warranty period which the manufacturer is offering. A decent wireless router usually costs anywhere between $150 to $300, depending on the secondary features. But you should not compromise on the quality and ease of operation. Wireless routers are bought as long-term investments and so investing in a good one irrespective of the cost is smart thinking.


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