Best Wireless Router For iPhone, iPad & Mac 2017

Consumers will find tones of wireless routers coming from the electronic department of manufacturing companies around the world. Most of the them are not mac wireless router and they also do not don’t support Mac Operating system, these routers are only suitable for Linux and Windows OS. There are only a small number of wireless routers out there are compatible with Mac operating system and yes, they have good performance. If you are an expert and have experinces with MAC networking, of course you can easily select your best compactable router for MAC OS, but it will be a tough task to normal users. So, here we list a veriety of information about routers that have been released by Apple.

Some experts as well as Mac owners, who use both Macs and PCs and use them frequently, say that the best wireless router 2017 you can consider is Apple AirPort Extreme. It’s an official and exclussive router from Apple and has been selected as the most reliable wireless router for MAC in owner surveys at PCMag and PC World.

Although there are also many owners and professional reviewers recommend the Cisco’s Linksys E4200 and Netgear’s WNDR3700, but it’s highly recommended to check the AirPort Extreme. It has many good features like The 802.11ac standard is supported by Apple Airport Extreme which is the 6th generation product and is taller than previous iterations, it also uses a unique advance technology, beamforming six-antenna array, which is applied to wireless-AC routers to make it works better and can delivers better signals. Guest networking is offered by the this router just like other high-end wifi routers, so without telling the guests your password, up to 50 guests can be joined to onto your network. Other great features include share external hard drives with the AirPort Extreme wirelessly, no cable needed at all. Although only users of Mac can share USB printers over the Internet, router users can do it too. GbE(Three Gigabit Ethernet) ports are on board.

As said by A web editor at CNET, Dong Ngo, AirPort Extreme is easy to set up and use. He suggests all novices to use it, as it can accommodates both PCs and Macs. But some reviewers say that all-PC networks and advanced Windows users can get product with more features at the same price elsewhere.

The Apple AirPort Express wireless router can also be a good alternative choice for you. A character with this product is the Airplay Function where it can be easier to stream your iTunes library to your home speaker system By using this router, You can also play your favorite music over the air. The AirPort Express is a bit different with Airport Extreme and it doesn’t have some features because this router is focus on wireless streaming, for example it Airport Express has Two 10/100BASE‑T Ethernet ports while the Extreme comes equipped with Gigabit Ethernet port and the USB port only can be used for Printer while the Extreme can be used for For printers and external hard drive.

For more details about the differences between these 2 products, you can visit Apple Website here.