Best VoIP Routers 2017

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows phone calls to be connected through networks like the Internet. Using Internet Protocol (IP), a VoIP router converts analog voice signals into digital data packets in order to support real-time, two-way transmission of telephone conversations between the telephone and a home computer with standard audio systems. Voice quality and dropped calls are more prevalent, as with cell phones. However, VoIP offers a substantial savings in the amount of money spent on long distance phone calls.


Using your computer and a VoIP router, you can access voice communication from any place around the globe. The best part is that the only things you’re paying for with this service is the computer equipment that you probably already have and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you probably already have. So, in theory, it’s free! Studies have shown that consumers can save up to 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international calls by using VoIP technology versus the old PSTN line which charges by the minute. Therefore, a VoIP router can be a beneficial device to own.

When you make a telephone call on an old landline, two people can talk at a time. That’s it. On my holiday, my family of five sat in front of the computer and made a call to our family of four that are five states away and not only did we all talk to each other at the same time, but we saw everybody in real time. We could see our family and show our presents and comment on how much we’ve grown all because instead of picking up the phone, we used our VoIP router to directly connect to a VoIP chat window that utilizes our web cam to transmit audio and visual data packets across the Internet. How cool is that?

Many companies now use VoIP to allow employees to access their office from home. The company’s intranet or extranet allows users to remotely access voice, fax and data services. Using phone lines for fax machines has many disadvantages other than high cost for long distances. For example, analog signals cause poor quality and there is often incompatibility between the two machines that are communicating. Real-time fax transmission is another cool feature of your VoIP router that allows you to convert data into packets and transmit it over the Internet instead of a phone line using a fax interface. Many companies are adopting VoIP as a main communication mechanism. Video teleconferencing and telecommuting are good examples of this.

VoIP will be around a long time, as landlines have been. VoIP will be enhanced more and more in the years to come and eventually will become the number one communication mechanism used across the board. There will certainly be a need for a VoIP router in many households. I bet many people are using VoIP daily and not even realizing it. After all, what did you think that web cam was using?

What are the best VoIP routers 2017 ??

This day, it’s a bit difficult to find VoIP router because there are many alternatives to this and many people prefers to use the best wireless routers to support their activities however, there are some products worth to consider if you really need this VoIP router like TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 that offers 1.75Gbps total available bandwith and support 802.11ac technology or you can aso consider the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 which has become one of the best routers in Amazon, comes equipped with Dual Core Processor and AC1900 Wi-Fi technology and with advance features that can make gamers or those who love streaming music or videos enjoy their activities, or you can also consider the inexpensive router, the Linksys E1200 N300 wireless router which is great for small home office use and ideal for web surfing, etc at  to 300 Mbps transfer speed. Other great products include D-Link DIR-880L and Trendnet TEW-812DRU. All of these devices are available at Amazon.

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