Top 7 Best Travel Routers 2017

If you like to travel or the nature of your work is such that you have to travel a lot, you will understand the real troubles one has to face to connect to the internet while on the move. A neat wireless travel router that is small enough to carry with you functions as an adapter and give you the facility of charging as well would be an ideal choice.

Top 7 Best Travel Router 2017

1. NETGEAR Trek N300 

It is an excellent wireless router which works efficiently well and up to the speed of 300Mbps. It is packed with wifi booster and bridge that can save you more money. The travel router is stylishly designed and with built-in power adapter. It can creates a private network and secure using any wireless or even ethernet connection wherever you go, hotel, hospitals, etc. You can also make wired only devices to the WiFi network. There are multiple power options can be found wall-plug, power bank, or from a USB port on a laptop, including NETGEAR Genie Dashboard that help you to monitor, manage as well as repair your network.

2. TP-LINK –TL-WR802N 

The nano size travel router can be easily carried along while travelling. It is pocket sized and works capably well with speed up to 300Mbps. The impressive features of this product are that it is USB powered and it is compatible with Chromecast. It not only supports router, WISP operation modes, Client and Repeater, but it is efficient in creating a secure Wi-Fi hotspot so that it can be shared with friends and family members. In terms of speed, it can delivers up to 300Mbps Wireless speed on 2.4GHz band for lag-free video streaming or online gaming It is an exclusive product, and that is available with a warranty of 2 years.

3. HooToo Wireless Travel Router

It is a special type of travel router and best travel router of 2017 for its performance and portability. The USB port travel router provides endless media streaming. You can seamlessly stream not only your photos but even your videos and music by connecting it to your television, Smartphone, tablets and other DLNA devices. The travel router is light in weight and small in size. It weighed about 1 oz and designed with an easy set up with which it can instantly get converted from a wired network to a wireless network. It is available online and with a warranty period of 1 year.

4. HooToo TripMate Titan (Not a Hotspot)

Another great travel router from HooToo, TripMate titan. It is an energy saving powerful wireless router that can speedily charge the mobile device. It can also be used in WISP bridge an existing wireless network to make your Wi-Fi network more secure.. It works conveniently well as the power supply in this router is integrated. It also built-in 10400mAh power ban that allow you to charge your smartphones at least 3x. The device enables you to share your photos as well as videos with family and friends through TripMate Plus application which is available for mobile or desktop.

5. RAVPower FileHub Plus

It is an excellent mini Wi-Fi router with a fashionable appearance, and that is perfect for use especially while travelling and even at home. There are many great features are packed in this travel router like Built-in 6000mAh power bank, easy to carry and install and you can convert any wired network to wireless quickly, dual band antennas make the performance of network much better and bridge to extend your wireless network, SD card USB reader and support chromecast where you can play videos as well as music from your connected USB storage device via chromecast to the bigger screen.

6. Zettaguard Wireless N 300Mbps

It is a multifunctional travel router that supports AP mode, Client, Router and Bridge. It can instantly convert your wired network into Wi-Fi. The exclusive features of this product are that it is very light in weight. It is designed to compact in shape and can be efficiently made use of in offices, homes and even while travelling. The set up of this travel router is designed with great simplicity, and it is known to have astable connection. It is a smart travel router and a reliable product that works resourcefully well at speed up to 300Mbps.

7. Coredy E 300 Mini Wi-Fi Booster /AP/ Router

It is a high-performance small router with which you can use to boost the Wi-Fi coverage. It is also of great use in providing an extended wireless network to areas which are difficult to reach. The reliable wireless N network works efficiently well at a speed of 300 Mbps and on installation it can easily expand the wireless coverage with a push of WPS button. The network area covered of the high-performance router can include restroom, bedroom, garage, and garden area. It can get connected to devices like smart TV and gaming console easily.

Read this travel router buying to get to know what else it takes for a wireless router to become your travel buddy.

Portability and power

Probably the biggest requirement for a travel wireless router would be a small form factor that allows you to carry it anywhere you go. It should not only fit in your travel bag but should also have a small weight so that you do not exceed the luggage weight limit due to the small devil that many travelling services impose. Also, it is important for your wireless router to comply with the power standards that are used in the places that you generally cross on your map. If it requires some special input to power up the device, then it will become a hassle for you. Look for routers that allow the option of Mini USB ports which can be connected to the laptop or power adapter to power the device.

Ease of setup and speed

A travel wireless router should be very easy to setup. Having to tinker with the admin panel is a big pain for some of the users and a router that comes preconfigured with the option to simple plug and play is an ideal fit. You should also know that the speeds that travel routers allow are quite low than their standard home counterparts. This reduced functionality is a compensation for an increase in portability, achieved by the reduced form factor. Travel routers provide speeds of 150-300 Mbps, so if speed is a concern for VoIP services then you should aim for the higher speed models.

3G/4G and security

There are some travel routers available in the market which allows you the option to share your 3G/4G network with your fellow travellers. This is an amazing feature which turns the router into a 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspot by connecting to a 3G/4G modem, which can be your phone. At the same time, you would like your network to be restricted to yourself and those with whom you want to share it. Travel routers are basically equipped with easy WPS buttons which automatically establish a secured encrypted connection.

Final words

When looking for a travel wireless router, you might not be typically concerned with the range they have to offer. But it is always good to choose one which offers the maximum range. For this, you might have to rummage through the customer reviews. Buying a router which offers the best terms and conditions for warranty as well as a long warranty period is always smart. Since innovations in travel routers are made every day, keep an eye on the market for the best deals.


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