5 Best Cable Modem For Comcast 2017

Having to choose from a variety of Comcast internet plans should be no hassle. Comcast is one of the best known cable providers in the United States with thousands of customers signing up every day. Their cable packages will fit your need at a low cost to get your entertainment on in no time. Depending on what kind of package you are looking for, Comcast has a variety of packages to choose from to suit your needs. In case you want to buy your own cable modem, we recommend you to check the following products because these modems have been recommended by Comcast.

5 Best cable modem for Comcast 2017

1. Motorola SurfBoard SB6183

The SurfBoard SB6183 has been powered by DOCSIS 3.0 technology that can provides high-speed internet experience and enables channel bonding up to 16 channels for downstream and 4 channels for upstream which makes download speed become faster, up to 686 Mbps. Of course with this speed, you can enjoy online streaming video or gaming online without lag at all, bring your experience to the new level. It also support the latest Internet standard, IPv4 and IPv6 and works with various Internet cable providers in the US including Comcast.

2. NETGEAR AC1750 (C6300)

The NETGEAR AC1750 (C6300) 450+1300 Mbps speed is a popular cable modem router (combo) for Comcast users and it easy to use, offers fast download speed, up to 680 Mbps and also comes with wireless technology that can provides whole home coverage. It also comes with DOCSIS 3.0 technology, USB port to wirelessly share your hard drive, GIGABIT WIRED port which is Ideal for HD gaming and video as well as advance wireless security feature with WPA/WPA2. The installation can be done quickly through your web browser, no need CD, driver etc, just using your tablets, smartphones or computers.

3. Motorola SurfBoard SB6141

The Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 is the successor of the SB6121 and it is designed to increases your personal media experience and provide better internet connection to your devices. The device is an ideal choice for gaming, shopping, online business, downloading or VoIP, meanwhile peer-to-peer networking apps will be more realistic, faster and efficient as well. It can provides download speeds up to 343 Mbps and easy to install too so you will be ready surfing in a matter of minutes.

4. Motorola SurfBoard SB6121

Another great cable modem for Comcast is the SurfBoard SB6121 which is also powered by DOCSIS 3.0 technology, just like the SB6183 and SB6141 above. Features are solid and reliable, has 8 download and 4 upload channels, Gigabit Ethernet Ports for fast wired connections with download speeds up to 343 Mbps as well as intuitive, easy-to-read front-panel operational status LEDs.

5. Zoom 5341 (5341j)

The last cable modem you can consider is the Zoom 5341 (5341j) that offers speeds up to 343 Mbps. It is packed with DOCSIS 3.0 standard and compatible too with lower-speed services, DOCSIS 2.0 and 1.1 service. The Zoom 5341 (5341j) cable modem has been proved and certified by Cable Television Laboratories, CableLabs to work with almost all ISP in the United States like Comcast, Cox, TWC, and Cable ONE. Features on the device include fast Ethernet port that can be paired to your Windows or Mac OS, WAP, wireless router or other Ethernet enabled device. The Zoom 5341J also become a good choice for almost any cable modem user because its easy setup, high speed connectivity and also broad capability.

Which One Of The Comcast Internet Plans Should I Choose?

Comcast is one of the companies with a reputable fast internet connection. We’re not just talking about a simple 2MBPS speed connection. With Comcast, their plans are relatively a lot cheaper compared to Verizon internet plans, time warner internet plans, and charter internet plans combined. With your low monthly rate purchase of your package, you aren’t entitled to only an internet connection. Being one of the best companies that Comcast is, they will provide you a free antivirus for your computer that you can use without having to spend a dime. This type of software is essential to prevent any malicious software from being installed on your computers.

The benefits of the Comcast internet plans are a big list. If you have kids as a parent, you might have some worries about them accessing any inappropriate sites you might not want them on. If you were worried that Comcast can’t do this, you’re wrong! Comcast includes a parental control filter which will allow your websites to automatically block any websites you deem inappropriate. This is a bonus that every parent should take advantage off to prevent children from going onto any unnecessary websites they shouldn’t be looking at.

The benefits that Comcast provides do not stop there. Being a subscriber of Comcast, they want to provide you with the best possible perks they can to make sure that you are a long term customer. I guarantee that if you take a speed test, the results will be very high and you’ll be completely surprised at the Comcast cable speed numbers. Along with having a parental control feature, you also have the option of getting free privacy protection. If you are a buyer or seller online, this is highly recommended in order to protect your identity from any theft or fraud. You do not want to risk losing any sensitive information such as your credit cards or bank accounts from any stupid mistakes you may have done. Having free privacy protection does not cost a thing and you have nothing to lose. Lastly, a free firewall protection will also save your computer from any viruses or trojans that may try to gain unauthorized access.

With the Comcast internet plans, it is proven that 95% of the customers are satisfied with not only the service but the Comcast customer support as well. Services like the AT&T internet plans and the charter internet plans cannot compare to the benefits that Comcast provides to its valuable customers. If you have any problem or questions, you can call Comcast and a representative will be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have about the Comcast service.