Best 8 Port Routers 2017

Many wireless router owner will agree that an eight ports router will be the best router device for a large house or small office network. An 8 port router can help to handle a network with up to 8 computers and it can also handle almost a thousand wireless-enabled devices. If you have a small office, it is a good device because you will never know when you will expand your office and of course this option will be cheaper than buying a router (wireless) that has less than 8 ports. There is no doubt that an 8 port router is a good compromise between a 4 port and 16 port router.

The Best 8 Ports Routers of 2017


The first, we recommend you to consider the ASUS RT-AC88U wireless router where it has been equipped with 1024-QAM technology and powered by 1.4 GHz dual-core processor as well as 4 external antennas with MU-MIMO technology that can help to extend the coverage up to 5000 sq ft. Also, Asus packs it with Smart Connect, ASUS AiProtection to make your online activity more save and secure.


The second product is TP-LINK TL-R860 cable/DSL router that is ideal for home and office users especially for those who want to share internet connection locally. It comes with Flexible control features so parents as well as admin of the router can restricted access policies for their children or office staff; the device has also been supported by Dynamic DNS, IP and MAC binding too.

Cisco-Linksys BEFSR81

Another 8 ports router you can consider is Cisco-Linksys BEFSR81.. Just like other good routers out there, it is easy to use and fast in installation, just connect your DSL or Cable Modem to this router then all your PCs in home or office can share the internet connection and they can also communicate to each other to share other resources or files. This is a good router if you want to grows home/office network and it allow you to attach eight local PCs directly.

How to Install 8 Port Routers

If you are already familiar with the networking field,  it will not be a problem if you to install an 8 port router. In case you are beginner, it is not too difficult because your router kit is usually equipped with an installation CD and manual. Please note that do not turn on your router device at the start. First step is, insert the CD inside the CD drive. A window will pop up then you can read the instructions. Next, you can connect the router to your modem and also to your PC with the appropriate cords indicated in the manual.

During the installation process, one of the most important steps is setting up a security key aka password. Never ever forget the passwords you have taken. Once the installation process completed, it is time to test the router if it can access the internet. You can restart PC if the instructions ask you to do so.

Ideal Features of 8 Port Routers and Other Wireless Routers

The following are some useful tips from us that explain the features of the best 8 ports routers in the market.

For security reasons, it is a good idea that the routers should be updated as much as possible, when you find a new update notification, you should act as soon as possible, however, the update should still accommodate old-generation if wireless devices. It should be able to efficiently send any documents, pictures or photos, musics, and also videos without any problems.

Also you should give attention to buy a wireless router according to the size of the your room or where the device will be put. The range of it should be as far as possible, at least it has minimum of 120 feet. In relation to the range or distance, many people also prefer routers with external antennas because it can expand the signal even to the black spot. In case you have children at home, go for router with internal antennas to avoid the risk of anything from being broken.

For an 8 port router, it should naturally have eight 10/100 Ethernet ports so you can add easily other network devices.

In this era, a wireless router should be compatible with a variety of operating systems like Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, etc. However, in case you are in a house where most of the gadgets are connected to one operating system, it’s highly recommended to buy a wireless router that works only for one certain operating system, but this is almost impossible now because users usually use their mobile devices to connect to the internet and the OS is vary from Android or Windows Mobile OS.

Some peoples like to leech off your internet connection. This can make your downloading/uploading rate become slower. That is why you should to buy a wireless router that has equipped with a standard WEP security, WAP security, or WPA2 security.

So be sure to read reviews from other buyers before you purchase anything because they can show you what you can do with the router. Also, don’t forget to spend your money wisely.


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