Advantages of Cloud Storage For Your Network

Eventually you may want to consider using a provider of cloud storage to provide an extra measure of safety in your backup routine. Storing important files “in the cloud” (someplace out in cyberspace – far away from you) could be a useful step in assuring the contents stored on your home network remain safe.


Cloud storage provides you with controlled and secure internet access to remote disk storage that is physically located outside of your house… perhaps across the world from you. The advantage to this scenario is that your files are safe in case your home server and it’s backups are damaged. The damage could be caused by fire, flooding, or some other natural disaster. Or, perhaps theft. The point is that most of us locate our home server and it’s backups very near to each other, so that they can be be damaged by a single “event.” Using the internet for backup storage, however, allows you be sure your files are safe and available as you rebuild from whatever disaster occurred to your home.

Some cloud based backup services even use techniques to locate files in different geographic areas so that if the data center that has your backup is damaged they can still rebuild your data from other redundant sources. Very impressive.

One downside to this type of backup system is that anything that “goes out” via the internet could potentially be stolen. So, you may not want to use this type of service for information that may be used to perpegrate identity theft. Those types of files, tax returns, wills, etc. should be copied onto disk and put into a safe deposit box for safe keeping.


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