Top 5 Best Dual Band Routers 2017

When you go to the local electronics store or are browsing online, you may not understand the difference between a dual band router and one that is a single band. You just want to get online, watch your streaming services of Hulu and Netflix, and play on your iPad while the kids play on theirs. That’s a lot of different activities that go on in one house. Some use very little internet while others are using a huge amount. Having a router that can switch between using very fast speeds and ones that don’t need a lot for checking email would be very convenient. Simultaneously you can get off the network where everyone else is on and speed through your email. If this sounds good to you then a dual band router is the way to go.

With technology and the Internet, router has become as important as oxygen. It is very difficult to carry out day-to-day chorus without the Internet and a router. The need for Internet and routers is highly in demand, and you can simply get one of the best with the following reviews.

Best Dual Band Wireless Routers 2017

1. TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 

The TP-link product has 1.75Gbps of bandwidth that anyone long for and 1300Mbps at 5GHz. You can connect this with FTP server or the USB port for connectivity for other products. You can simply assign different bandwidths to different devices linked with it. The privacy settings work according to you for the guest users and make your connection secure from both ends. The encryption is through WPS, which you can setup in any language you want. The installation and use of the product are the easiest things on the globe.

2. Netgear AC1750 Dual Core 800MHz

If your family has a large number of Wi-Fi devices, say 10, then this Netgear product is the best you have got in the market.  The device has two different USB ports and Dual core processor of 800MHz. You can store your data without any worry over the Cloud USB technology of this device. If you want your teenager to focus on study related material over the web simply, then parental control option in the device is for you. The robust design and good connectivity are the beginning to describe this AC1750.

3. ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit Router

The product quality of ASUS is unbeatable in many respects, and this router has all the high tech definitions. The 1024 QAM technology is faster with over 5GHZ band with speed of 2100Mbps and 1000Mbps with 2.4GHz bandwidth. The dual core processor of 1.4GHz helps in faster working and speedy transfers over USB. The device is compatible with 8 Ethernet and LAN ports for fast connectivity. Air protection and Internet safety for malicious websites are excellent in this product.

4. Netgear N750 4 Port Dual Band

The Netgear product gives you high-speed performance over 750 Mbps. If you own a spacious 3BHK, this is the perfect router for you. The product is compatible with IP version6. All the Apple products and normal android phones are compatible with this device. The security configurations are quite advanced, and SSID security is good as well. You may get the good range over 5GHz rather 2.4GHz. The radiation pattern is absolute from every direction, and you don’t have to worry about the placing at your home.

5. Linksys WRT1900 Gigabit Router

This product is something everyone needs. The router is worn resistible and has the warranty on all the accessories and parts. The dual band speed is 600Mbps and 1300Mbps over specific applications. It is supported with four antennas added externally are helpful in the high performance of the device. The processor is Dual-core with the bandwidth of 1.2GHz. The router allows multiple users to simultaneously use the facility over online gaming or HD video streaming.

Changing speeds for different needs

A dual band wireless router goes on two different signals 5GHz and 2.5 GHz. Anything can interfere with the signals like microwave signals, cordless phones, stuff your neighbors are doing, having two networks gives you another option when one is filled with traffic or down. Cordless phones in fact are on a 2.5GHz signal. You don’t need the faster bandwidth for activities like web browsing, email, using your phone for browsing, basic tablet use. Having the option to go on the other network will clear up traffic for activities like online gaming, watching a movie on Netflix, downloading movies and music. Your neighbors and other housemates will appreciate it if you’re not all on the same bandwidth at the same time.  Dual Band Routers give you the best of both worlds in flexibility and speed by running on two independent, dedicated networks. This option is really the best for large families who have so much going on that the Wi-Fi is slowing down for everybody overall. Having to constantly reset it can be a pain.

Who Would a Single Band Router Be Good For?

 In general, a single band router has a weaker signal, which means their usability range will be not be as far as a dual band wireless router. This does not necessarily make it an worse router in general though. If you live in small place or need a wireless router for one office, a single band router may provide plenty of range and signal strength for that small area. Someone who infrequently checks the internet or only browses and checks email, this would be fine for as well. There is no need to buy a complicated router for just one or two people who work and aren’t home online as much as others.

More Features

Always look for a modem with a port so you can directly connect to wired internet anytime you choose. Look for that before you buy in case the network is super congested you can just plug into the internet directly. There are also different levels of security on different wireless routers. Some have encryption which protects your information. Research how much security is on the model you are considering buying. Just get what you need on terms of everything considered as the price goes up for every feature. Dual band modems are definitely more pricey so see what your needs are before you buy the most expensive model on the market.

The next feature you should also need to consider is the Gigabit Ethernet supports. Some new generation of dual band wireless routers include gigabit Ethernet ports in their LAN and WAN interfaces. Wired connection is very reliable and more secure compared to wireless connection which is prone to interference. To get a best performance, both ends should be in the same gigabit Ethernet ports. Any computers / servers with Gigabit NIC can take advantage of the router gigabit ports. With Gigabit WAN port your router is ready for the fast modems with gigabit port for example SURFboard SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem

New generation of wireless routers today support guest network feature, the feature that allows you create separate network with different password for your guests to get internet access without compromising your local network resources. Some wireless routers support one guest network while others support guest network each bands.


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